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Spend time with God in prayer & Scripture every day

The Bible in One Year (App, daily email, or book)

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YouVersion Bible (App)

Our Daily Bread (Daily devotion magazines available free in the church office)

The Bible Project (Videos & resources to help you understand the Bible)

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     Here are some different Journaling ideas:

-         Morning: 1) Gratitude (Write down 5 things you’re grateful for), 2) Negatives (Write down anything that’s troubling you), 3) Goals (Write down your main goals for the day), 4) Prayer (Write down your prayers). Evening: Celebrate (Write down your wins), Reflect (Reflect on where you fell short)

-         Pray Scripture: Write out a passage of Scripture (choose a meaningful part of the Psalms or from a New Testament letter for example) and use key ideas to turn it I to a prayer (Here’s a helpful guide)

-         Memorize Scripture: use a journal to write out verses that you want to commit to memory for the day, the week, or even a couple months for a long passage